Who is using Floorplanner?

Space is important and Floorplanner helps to make the most out of any space. Our tool is easy-to-use yet powerful and we offer a free version so that everyone who needs it can use it. Over 25 million people worldwide have used Floorplanner for a wide variety. Floorplanner is also a valuable tool for professionals that work with floorplans on a regular basis like real estate professionals, interior designers and manufacturers/retailers.

Personal use

When you are re-arranging, moving into a new house or planning a renovation, having a floorplan can be a great help! It makes communication about your ideas easier and more efficient. Floorplanner let you start making your own floorplans right away and is FREE to use.

Interior design

When you are an interior designer or a stylist you want to focus on the design and not on the technology. Floorplanner helps you to make great 2D and 3D visualisations fast and for a fraction of the costs of traditional 3D CAD software. Floorplanner PRO allows you to create presentation templates and own roomstyles that you can re-use with one click.

Real estate

Floorplans are important in any real estate transaction. Since 2007 Floorplanner has been helping real estate agents to present their properties with informative floorplans in both 2D as well as 3D for a much lower cost then other solutions. Every day thousands of floorplans are created on our platform specifically for online real estate listings and brochures. These plans are drawn by real estate agents themselves or by one of our 200+ partners worldwide.

(Furniture) Retail

Floorplanner allows your sales-staff to make accurate 2D plans and compelling 3D images with your own products. Thanks to our Magic Layout and roomstyle sets per room type making a customer presentation was never easier and faster. You can even add your own custom Roomplanner to your website and easily generate new leads. You can fulfill your customers’ expectations more easily, save time and costs and collect more satisfied customers.


We love schools and we want to make our tool as accessible as possible to students of all kinds everywhere!

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